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"I am so happy with the tutoring that my son has been receiving at the Ford Learning Academy. My son's tutor is Mr. Hellums. He is awesome. He is so patient and caring with him. He is very detailed in all the work he does with him. I am definitely satisfied with the progress my son has made at the Academy!" Maria B. 





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Ford Learning Academy has been tutoring students since 2004.  Tutoring is offered year-round. Get ahead or catch up. Have an IEP, we can help! We have a long history of helping students to achieve their academic goals in their own school settings.  Our students consist of Pre-school, Elementary, Middle school, High school, College as well as Adult students. We enjoy an over 90% success rate because of the student's determination, the involvement of the parents, the school educator, and the Tutors at Ford Learning Academy. The Tutors at Ford Learning Academy do not use curriculum-based material because it is most important to use the work that each student has in their own class.  If the student is a child, we will communicate with the student's teacher(s) or school counselor in order to get a better idea of what the student's needs are so that the tutor will know how best to help them.  We offer Group, Private, and In-Home Tutoring. 

All of our Tutors are hand-picked and are all eager to assist you with subjects such as Math, Reading, Science, Study Habits, and Test Prep.  Our tutors come from all walks of life such as college students earning their degrees, community professionals, teachers, and retired teachers.   What makes us so successful with students? Our tutors are passionate about helping each student realize their own potential. Our Tutoring Specialists are patient with and care about each student. We don't interchange tutors. It is important that tutors are able to form a bond of friendship with their students. Each student may learn differently from another. Therefore, each student has the same tutor assigned to them for the duration of their tutoring needs. In addition, We tutor students with learning disabilities and those with IEP's or other specific learning plans. It is important that we help students achieve the goals stated in these plans.