Benefits of the Homework Club:

*Students are picked up from local schools

*Students have time to eat snacks

*Students are assisted by tutors in completing homework

*Homework is checked by tutors for accuracy

*Tutors help to promote a positive attitude and motivation

​*Students learn organization, study and test preparation skills

​*Students develop a love of learning when taught to master their own assignments

After all homework is completed and check for accuracy, the children may participate in educational board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry, UNO, Matching Memory Game, and even age-appropriate computer fun.  Snacks are available.

School Pick Up:

Dapplegray Elementary

Rancho Vista Elementary

Eshelman Avenue Elementary

Taper Elementary

Park Western Elementary

Crestwood Elementary

Harbor City Elementary

Miraleste Middle School

Dodson Middle School

Fleming Middle School

Call: (310) 530-0158

Let Us Help You On Your Road To Success!

Ford Learning Academy offers a homework club unlike no other.  Parents! How will you feel when you come home from a hard day at work and all of the homework is completely done? Ford Learning Academy Tutors assist students in completing their homework and checking for accuracy before leaving for home. 

Ford Learning Academy

Homework Club

After-School Pick Up

$389 Per Month

Monday - Friday

Afterschool - 6:30 Pm





           Monday - Thursday

              3pm to 6pm

  • Parents drop off student at the center

  • Homework is completed by student

  • Tutor reviews the homework assigned

  • Tutor ensures that homework is completed before leaving the center.