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Ford Learning Academy Tutors are not just any tutors! They possess a special quality that makes them unique.  They possess the compassion to help others.  They do not see this as simply a job.  When they arrive, they are well prepared for each and every one of their students.  They do not get paid for preparation. Because they care about the academic success of their students, they do  time-consuming preparation on their own before coming to meet with their students at the center.  They make sure their students understand every concept prior to leaving even if it means tutoring beyond the allotted time with no charge to the student. Our tutors are not time driven but desire to instill the love of learning by helping students realize their own potential.

This is what makes the success rate at Ford Learning Academy so high - Our Dedicated and well prepared Tutors!! Lets meet them.

Meet Ethan Maldonado graduate of the Port of Los Angeles(POLA) High School and is excellent working as a peer tutor.  He works well with Middle School and High School students because they feel he can better relate to them as a recent graduate.  His tutoring skills include Improving Study Habits, Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Organization Skills, Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing.  Ethan is very soft-spoken but firm in his ability to reach each of his students by keeping them engaged and interested in their work so that they are able to better perform in their school setting.

Meet Joseph H - Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering has been with Ford Learning Academy since its inception in 2004. He is retired from Hughes Aircraft where he used his mathematic skills daily.  In addition, his volunteer experience with the children at Toberman in San Pedro has taught him tolerance, humility, and humbleness.  Developing these skills has allowed him to work better with struggling students. His mild-temper takes him far in his ability to reach children by making them feel comfortable with him. Joe is easy to talk to because he is a great listener which, in turn, makes him an excellent tutor.  He specializes in Math, Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and Physics.  

Meet Lee D - High School Teacher

​Multi-Subject Credentials who has an impeccable reputation teaching at several school intitutions in the Los Angeles Area.  We are extremely fortunate to have him along with his experience that he brings in helping our students develop self-confidence in their ability to complete their school work independently.  He has taken students who believed that they could never change their work habits into students who barely ask for his help during their sessions.